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We Offer 3 PR Distribution Packages:利来w66玩法首页手机

利来w66玩法官网在线 ($49) - Displayed for 6 months on IndustrialPR with 1 link allowed, 1 photo, and Posted on Twitter to be read by 5,000+ business journalists & bloggers that follow IndustrialPR.

利来w66玩法代理 ($95) - Displayed for 1 year on IndustrialPR with up to 3 links, 3 photos, and automatic distribution to Social Media & RSS Sites. Your news is posted on Twitter and featured for one year on , in the category of your choice.

利来w66玩法手机官网 ($249) - Our Platinum PR Package is our most popular. Your press release is Displayed For Unlimited Days on IndustrialPR, with up to 5 contextual links, 5 images, and includes Twitter feed, RSS, social media, and featured placement on our home page as well as complete media distribution with the following benefits:

利来w66玩法在线软件Available for syndication to 50,000+ business news sites as well as blogs and industry-focused publications;

利来w66玩法安卓登录Guaranteed Syndication on hundreds of major news sites, publications of other media outlets;

利来w66玩法线路平台Your press release is e-mailed to the TOP 100+ Business Editors of U.S. newspapers nationwide;

利来w66玩法在线软件Featured on our Home Page for maximum exposure in front of thousands of viewers daily for one full year;

利来w66玩法平台Twitter stream to 3,000+ trade journalists, established bloggers and media professionals that follow ;

利来w66玩法地址地址GUARANTEED full-page syndication on 30+ trusted news sites and publications selected by our staff;

利来w66玩法首页手机Social network visibility on social media sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Buzz, Delicious, etc.

利来w66玩法官网在线 Submission to television stations online with Guaranteed coverage by at least 20 plus of these media outlets

利来w66玩法娱乐地址You'll receive a complete report indicating the details of distribution, submissions, backlinks, syndications, etc.

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